Video marketing has been making its impact everywhere. One particular example of this is that sports fans have been watching more sports highlight videos than ever on YouTube, according to recent studies. Seeing the impact of videos for sports fans is a great way to understand the impact that video marketing has in general.

According to recent studies, 80% more people watched sports highlight videos on YouTube in the last year, not a huge surprise given just how big video has become. YouTube has been studying the way that people watch sports-related videos on their site, and it is amazing what they have found.

One amazing statistic they found is that people searching for “football highlight” videos in the past year has increased by a whopping 90%. The watch time of highlight videos that are sports-related went up by 80% during the last few years. People are not only watching highlights, watch time increased dramatically for sports interview videos as well as funny sports videos.

It is also important to note that sports fans are also interested in watching “how to” videos. In fact, the number of “how to” sports video searches has doubled recently. The “how to” videos people are searching for include how to run faster, how to spike a volleyball, how to ice skate, and how to throw a curveball. Another study has found that 30% of sports viewers are streaming live sports events on their mobile device.

These kinds of trends in the sports world point to the potential of video for all online businesses. “How-to” videos and other kinds of videos are not only great for sports, they are a great way to showcase any online business or service. Creating your own “highlights” video that showcases the value of your online store is a great way to draw people into your business.