Video marketing made its impact in 2017, but what is the landscape like this year? It is safe to say that video marketing is continuing to be on the rise this year. According to studies, more businesses are using video marketing this year than last year, and pretty much everyone who used video last year plans on using it this year as well. In fact, 65% of those who aren’t using video right now are planning on starting using video this year.

People are watching a lot of video. It is becoming a part of our daily routine, whether we are watching videos to catch up on the latest news stories, watching video for entertainment on the weekends, or watching videos to learn how to do some DIY car repairs. One study found that people are watching about 1.5 hours of video a day.

Videos are helpful, and that is why many people are depending on video for their daily tasks. Studies have shown that 95% of people have watched explainer videos to learn more about a product or a service. A whopping 97% of marketing professionals in one study said that video helps to increase customer understanding of their product. The statistics also show that videos help increase how long people spend on a website, videos help increase sales, and videos help increase traffic to a website. A study even found that 81% of people were convinced to buy a product or a service after watching a video.

People like to share videos and sharing has continued to be another advantage of videos in 2018. Videos that are created to target a specific audience are very likely to be shared by people that enjoy watching them. It is clear that video marketing will continue to be one of the best ways to reach potential customers this year. The statistics point out ways that videos are helpful that you may not have thought about before. With this information, you can start thinking about video marketing for your business and the kind of approach you may want to use.