Watching videos has become the new way to quickly get the news of the day or to enjoy some relaxation at home. People watch videos for all kinds of purposes – a video is a great way to understand how to do some quick car maintenance or to enjoy the highlights of the last big game. It is no surprise that when it comes to buying something, videos are the way to go.

Your online store could really use a good video or even better – a video on every page. There are many compelling reasons as to why a video is so advantageous. You may have a great online store with valuable products, interesting copy, and great images, but people tend to not really get why your store is so great until an awesome video can put it all together for them.

Online video advertising is a nice way to bring your business to life. Studies have shown that one-third of shoppers will buy a product after watching a promotional video. Moreover, online stores such as Amazon have reported that displaying a video as part of the product description increase the chances of someone buying the product by up to 35%.

Videos are very shareable as well, people tend to share helpful or cool videos on their social media networks. Another important thing to note is that 88% of short videos are watched all the way through on a mobile device, that statistic is different when watching on a computer. More and more people are watching videos on a mobile device, which is totally true for me. Most of the videos I have watched have been watched on my smartphone, like when I am catching up on news during a work break.

With all of this information in mind, it is easy to see why video advertising should be an important part of your marketing strategy for your online business. From the online shopper’s standpoint, a video can quickly take your business from just another online store they are not sure about, to an online store they need and understand why they need it.