There are many compelling reasons to use quality video marketing to build your brand and your online store. Video marketing doesn’t have to be complicated and it doesn’t have to mean spending hours of your time slaving away at the computer, trying to make sense of words and images that you want to put together.

Having a nice video that explains what your company is all about is a must in today’s digital landscape. People want to be pulled out of their boring routines and realities to laugh or to learn something new or to get excited about something. A compelling video tells the story of your business and how your product or service would benefit customers. A good video also is to the point and interesting from beginning to end, since a lot of people will stop watching within ten seconds.

Adding a fun and fresh, light attitude to your video also helps. People want to be entertained and they are much more likely to pay attention if you are presenting your business in an interesting and entertaining way. Take chances, take risks, don’t be afraid to be a far cry from what your competitors have been doing. Don’t copy their boring stuff, but do something totally different and new.

SEO is yet another great reason for online video marketing. The search engine spiders love seeing descriptions about your video and understanding the video that way. When you use keywords with your video, that is even better to really help the search engines know what your video is about.

Last but not least, a video is a great way for you to show what you are made of and to showcase testimonials and let your customers see your products or services in action. Videos are a great way to save people both time and hassle when getting to know your business. They really help customers get to the point of why they should care about your business.