The digital world today is dynamic and constantly changing, and long gone are the days when we would have static web pages that would remain the same for years and years. Content marketing has grown out of the fact that people want to interact online and share the new products and services they have discovered, their opinions, and the like.

Content marketing is a type of marketing that involves sharing and creating, such as creating videos, blogs, and posting on social media. This type of marketing is not pushy, and it is meant more for sparking interest in a product or a service. Content marketing has become a great way to promote a business without directly doing so.

Online video advertising has been a big part of content marketing and things are looking great for video advertising in the future. Video marketing helps people remember your business, because it is easier for most people to remember something visual and something they hear, rather than something they read.

Video marketing is great for SEO, as videos can get many more people to your homepage if they are quality and relevant videos. Not only that, but videos do well no matter what device your viewers are on. A video looks great on a tablet and a smartphone alike, so no more worrying about losing people because they are on a device that is not compatible with your video.

People are eager to share videos as well, and it even has been estimated that 92% of people who are watching videos on a mobile device are sharing them with others. Keeping up with the ever-changing digital world is easy when taking advantage of video advertising.