With the end of the year approaching quickly, the time is right to think about the way that marketing benefited your business this year and to choose new strategies for the new year. With online sales just about over for the Christmas season, you’ll also be able to have a good idea of whether you were able to market your website effectively. If you would like to make more sales throughout the next year, you’ll want to look into different types of marketing you may not have previously explored.

Over the next year, different types of marketing are sure to become more important than they are already. Many predictions about what to get on board with this year have included online videos as something important to focus on. This type of marketing is still fairly new, but has been proven to be a great way to connect with customers. One study even found that 90% of users claim that video plays a large role in their purchasing decisions. With this in mind, it is time to invest in marketing through video if you haven’t already.

Strategies within video marketing can differ quite a bit, but most seem to agree that in addition to adding video to your website, you should also be posting them on social media. There is no better way to show off a new product or to attract attention to the mission behind your website than with a video posted on the internet. Viewers will be more likely to buy a product once they’ve gotten a great idea of how it works from a video they watch.

As you move into the new year, make sure that online video advertising is a big part of how you plan to continue marketing your website. You don’t want to get left behind by your competitors by being stuck using old types of marketing without evolving your tactics to focus on newer ways of marketing as well. Make sure you examine the tactics that you are using and make improvements as necessary so that you can help your business stand out in 2018.