You may be using video marketing for your online business or you may be considering it. Videos have become so popular among all kinds of customers that people are now expecting to see a video and your site even seems outdated and uninteresting if you don’t have a video on there. I even find myself expecting a video when I am looking at a product that I don’t know that much about or when I want to see the product in action.

There are many reasons to have a compelling video on your website and even on every page of your website. Considering that people are watching 4 billion YouTube videos a day, your potential customers are probably watching video. If you have shopped on Amazon lately or have been on Facebook, you will notice that the most successful companies have been using video for a long time.

Video compels people to share, and studies have shown that valuable videos are often shared on social media. Not only that, but more and more people are watching videos on a mobile device. In fact, studies have shown that 88% of short videos are watched on a mobile device, while fewer are watched on a computer. More and more people are watching videos on a mobile device each day, so appealing to those who are on their mobile devices becomes much easier with a video.

The major search engines love to see a video and they use it in their determination regarding who they present higher in their rankings. Putting a video on your website or using social media to share a video is a great way to make your business more optimized for the search engines. Taking advantage of video marketing is a wise idea and if you don’t do it, your competition surely will.