Video marketing has been a huge trend in 2017 and it seems it is not going anywhere. People are looking to videos to quickly digest a variety of content online, whether they are getting YouTube tips on DIY car maintenance or they are watching a quick summary of the latest news story. Knowing where video is heading in the future is very important to keep up in the ever-changing online landscape.

Customers are expecting their content to be in video form and studies have found that a quarter of them will lose interest if you don’t have a video explaining what you are offering. Not only that, but with all of the competition that there is, a video is very important to stand out. An online video meets your customers right where they are and in the way they prefer.

Videos have become the new “king” and that is surely another reason to have a compelling video featured on your website. People love stories and they have loved them since the beginning of mankind. Storytelling through video is indeed a powerful way to connect with people’s emotions and to keep someone’s attention.

Lastly, video is a great way to deliver important information about your business so that people can make the right decision without feeling pushed by a salesperson. People are expecting to be able to serve themselves nowadays when it comes to the buying process, and video allows them to get the information they need when they need it. Online video advertising is a great way to encourage people to check out what you are offering and love it on their terms.