It is no secret that video advertising has been big, but what does it look like in 2018? As you might have guessed, video advertising has evolved since it first became a really effective way to grow any business. We started out with simpler “talking head’ videos and now we have videos that blend seamlessly with social media.

You may be wondering, has video really grown as much as people said it would? Has it been as effective as predicted last year and the year before that? Well, the statistics answer with a resounding “yes!” Studies have found that 81% of businesses are using video marketing this year, as compared to 63% last year. Studies have also shown that 81% of people have bought something after watching a video. Here’s another one to throw at you: 76% of marketing professionals say that video has helped increase sales for their business.

Now that you know how important and effective online video advertising is, you can create some affordable and effective videos yourself, or hire a marketing company to create them for you. Some good things to consider include making a striking video that stands out and showcases your business’s unique personality. Tell a story through the video that is in line with your business goals. Making your own videos is probably going to be more cost-effective, however, choosing to have a marketing company create your videos for you will ensure that every part of your video looks professional and that your videos will be appealing to your potential customers.

It is also helpful to set some goals and to keep track of website statistics and performance before the videos and after the videos. You won’t know whether your videos are working or not if you don’t know where you were before the videos.

Remember, you don’t have to spend a ton of money and time to have valuable video marketing. Sometimes, the best videos are the ones that are very authentic because they’re not super fancy.