A new way of getting to know (and love) a business at its core has been emerging and it has been taking over as the new king of the online world. This fellow is video marketing and it is worth getting to know him better. Video marketing has been taking over as the best way to get acquainted with a business and why you should care about it.

According to Forrester Research, video is equivalent to 1.8 million words per minute in terms of text. Saying a whole lot in a little amount of time is really easy with video marking, and it makes for some intriguing storytelling as well. It seems that video marketing has become the new standard in marketing and it is no surprise why – video marketing allows one to spend much less energy and money while delivering quality content that would otherwise take months and months to write and would probably remain unread for the most part.

Today’s technology has allowed video marketing to grow exponentially as videos are easily shared on social media, eagerly watched when reading news articles, and enjoyed on YouTube. Videos are not only extremely popular with people, they are also loved by the search engines. According to Forrester Research, those that have a video are 53 times more likely to get on page one of Google.

Video-watching has only been on the rise and marketers have been seeing the results big-time. Click-through rates are improving by as much as 300% when using video in e-mails, Google rankings are increasing when including video, not to mention an increase in shareability and brand recall with video. Videos are the key to engaging potential customers by introducing your company, providing testimonials from existing customers, teaching, training, and selling.

It only makes sense to have a video in order to tell the compelling story of your business and maximize your success. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to building a nice video, you can hire a company to build a professional and compelling video for you that will tell your story in a visual and engaging way.