In a world where people are constantly being bombarded by information that they just don’t have time to process, it is a great idea to break out of the clutter with video marketing. Video marketing is a unique way to connect with customers with something practical that they will enjoy. Instead of reading paragraph after paragraph of boring text, a video can be just as informative, yet much easier on the eyes (and the brain).

Video marketing is a great way for businesses to show their customers what their vision is, what kinds of products or services they offer, and why customers should consider them among a sea of other competitors. People tend to be a lot more likely to share videos compared to other kinds of content, so businesses can really maximize their reach with a video.

Videos are great for boosting SEO, as they impact search results. Since videos are rich media, they tend to be favored by search engine algorithms. Videos have been exploding all over the internet, which is no surprise, considering that they have been proven to be really effective. Forrester research estimates that one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words of text. Considering that 90 percent of information gong to the brain is visual and that visuals are processed way faster than text, video marketing is extremely promising, and that is why so many businesses are taking notice.

Creating compelling video doesn’t have to be a huge mountain to climb. Simple videos are an awesome way to boost SEO and marketing efforts, and get people talking about your business. Videos are an awesome way to cater to people’s short attention spans in today’s busy world. Even a short video that lasts several seconds can communicate tons of information to people, telling your whole story in a way that is easy to digest.

Integrating video is an important way to improve SEO, boost your marketing, and to get your website found. Since search engines look for quality content, a video will tell search engines that your page has rich media that is relevant to search requests. Adding a video to your quality content mix is an awesome way to boost rankings. The bottom line is that people are wanting videos in their search results, and as a business owner, looking to current and future trends is always a wise thing to do.

If you are still unsure about the benefits of video marketing, think about that last time you were catching up on the latest news on your smartphone or online. Chances are, even if you did make your way through some long paragraphs, you were probably distracted by a video at some point, and you probably were intrigued enough to go ahead and play it. You may have even realized after watching the video that you just learned all of the same things that you learned while reading the long paragraphs, only it took you much less time and it was a lot more fun!