With the shift in trends moving toward video advertising in recent times, it has become necessary to include this kind of marketing as part of an online marketing campaign. We have seen video marketing change over the last few years, so let’s take a look at where it’s going this year and into the future.

Video advertising gives business owners many more ways to get creative and to get customers and potential customer to engage. Introducing moving images as well as sound makes for a much more captivating way to showcase your business. One trend we have been seeing is videos adapting to the way that people like to look at them. With today’s technology and internet speeds, many people are viewing videos on mobile. Of course, to keep up, videos have been adapting to the trend, with formats that make it easy to see a video on a smart phone or in an app. One format that has been working especially well is what is called a “vertical video” format, creating an image that is taller rather than wider. This format tends to be played more, according to some studies.

Attention spans are always changing as well, which means that videos need to adapt to this trend too. Shorter attention spans mean the need for more impactful videos. Shorter videos have done much better and it is still possible to say a lot in a short amount of time. People watching videos on a smartphone tend to scroll fast and that means needing a video that will really capture attention. It seems that the trend toward shorter video ads is continuing to grow, as we have been seeing fewer videos that are like the longer TV ads and more videos that have their own unique short format.

The number of people who are becoming cord cutters is continuing to grow as well. We have been seeing more and more people who are forgoing cable TV in favor of an internet service and streaming shows and movies rather than watching them using cable. This affects the way that you would want to present your video marketing as well. Catering to the cord cutters is something to look out for in the future.

Videos are continuing to explode and this means that we will need to address the new issues and opportunities that will inevitably come up. Studies have shown that 80% of brands are planning on spending more on videos this year. It is both exciting and challenging to embrace online video advertising and a great opportunity to see how you can take your online marketing to the next level.