Web design is always evolving and the great thing is, with how far web design has come, it is more about learning from the past than reinventing the way we do things altogether. You can take into consideration the good and the bad from previous years and use it to enhance your web design this year. We have seen enhanced security and performance over the last few years and these elements continue to be a vital element of good web design right now. Let’s take a look at a few trends shaping web design innovation this year:

Getting adventurous with your colors has been a huge trend lately and it is something to take into consideration as you are looking to finalize the layout of your business web design. Of course, you don’t want to overwhelm the viewer or be screaming in their face, but adding some fun and bright pops of color is a great way to catch attention and to get people excited about your business.

It looks like this will be a great year for experimenting with your typography as well. Funky and out-there headers are going to be big as well as sprinkling in some unexpected text design throughout the site. Of course, using fonts we know and love will continue to be important for the body of the site, but there is nothing wrong with getting a little bit away from the norm. As always, making sure you don’t overdo it is key. Adding a little bit of fun to your text is great as long as you keep the site easy-to-read and easy to navigate overall.

Animation is continuing to be a trend in website design and it doesn’t have to mean anything huge. Animation includes everything from a slideshow on your website to a homepage that transforms into another page as soon as you arrive on the website. We are seeing animation in smaller ways and have found it to be a great way to make your website stand out. This trend is likely to stick around for a while. When you get creative with your animation you can find fun ways to showcase your products, and even your product categories.

Experiment with your WordPress web design and discover which trends make sense for you. The great thing about WordPress is that there are many different plugins available that enable you to improve the performance and the look of your website. Working with a professional web developer is an excellent idea when you’re thinking about the kind of look you want. They will be able to work with you to ensure that your site not only looks good, but that it is built for good SEO and keeps UX in mind as well.