While more and more people have started selling and marketing products online, there are still many websites online that are built with designs that are not ones that are appealing to users. Too many website owners are opting for a design that makes their website appear busy and cluttered or does not properly reflect the brand. Proper marketing for a website is important, but if you are pushing people to visit a website that will immediately make them turn away, any investment in marketing will be wasted.

It turns out that the design of a website can really influence whether or not customers stay on your website to make purchases or even to read your content. One recent study discovered that people were more likely to mistrust a website based on design elements. In fact, 94 percent of comments about why these people mistrusted websites in the study referred to website design elements. Some specific problems that people pointed to included busy or complex layouts, pop up advertisements, small print that was hard to read, and even slow load times for the site. These are all elements of design that you can change to best benefit customers who come to your website.

When you are looking at hiring someone to help with the design of your website, take a look at some of the websites they have built in the past. This will help you to see if these builders focus on design elements that make your website stand out particularly. You’ll also want to avoid websites that are built to be to flashy since often this can harm search engine rankings as they utilize programs like Flash that make images and content on a website invisible to search engines.

There are many different types of website builders that are out there, so finding website designers that develop websites that are clean to look at and easy for customers to use can rely heavily on the builder used. Consider WooCommerce web design so that you can start displaying products on your website in a way that will keep customers on your page.