Most business owners agree that social media advertising is an important part of an effective marketing strategy for an online business, and for any kind of business for that matter. There are the obvious benefits like building trust, humanizing your company, and creating a strong voice for your brand. The benefits that may not be so obvious are also an important part of what makes social media advertising so effective, let’s take a look.

Enhancing your website’s performance and appearance is one of the benefits of social media marketing that you may not have considered. If you are adding social media widgets to your online store, you can really improve the performance of the website. Adding social media to your website can be in the form of buttons for sharing your online store on social media, links to your social media, or putting your whole social media feed on your website.

Educating your customers is another great benefit of social media marketing. You can use your social media to tell people how they will benefit from your product or service and include blogs, reviews of products, and testimonials from people. Another benefit you may not have thought about is getting through to your younger audience. Studies have shown that younger people are spending more time online than on any other activity. Reaching your younger audience is no doubt more effective when you can reach them through social media.

Other benefits of social media advertising you may not have thought about include gaining valuable feedback from customers through things like surveys, getting honest ratings and reviews of your company which you can use to improve, and responding to a company crisis on social media, should one happen. The list goes on, giving you hundreds of reasons to take advantage of social media marketing for your business.