social media blog2 pic 2-12-14Ever since Twitter’s launch in 2006, this microblogging website has focused mostly upon shared text. Tweets of 140 characters or less have been the focus from the beginning. Now it seems that that focus may be changing. Twitter is currently testing a profile layout for its members, which is taking the focus off of the text and putting it onto pictures and videos. The traditional Twitter profile features just a small picture and then a list of tweets below, noting the statistics of the person in question.

The new version of Twitter profile pages is now putting pictures and videos at the forefront. The profiles will include a larger profile picture on the left side of the screen, with a large cover photo that will cross the entire page. Below this will be the usual list of statistics and then several different organized boxes with recent pictures, tweets, and videos. Gone is the typical vertical timeline that Twitter has used since the beginning.

Early criticism for the profile updates claim that the new profiles look a lot like the ones on Facebook. It is possible that this is part of the intention. Twitter is looking to hook new users since the growth of members has slowed down considerably. Using a layout that is familiar may make Twitter more accessible to those who are used to other social media sites.

This test comes just shortly after Twitter completed roll out of a new homepage for desktop users. This update featured a cover photo that went behind the profile image, but kept the vertical timeline that they had used previously. Many claim that the changes to the website are all part of Twitter’s hope to keep up with the changing needs of their users and those who might join in the future.