Social media is always changing and it can seem like you just got the hang of it, and something new is capturing everyone’s attention. To help you keep up, here are some trends that have been big in 2018 and these are trends that everyone can jump on right away:

Ephemeral content will be getting more popular. Ephemeral content is content that lasts for a short time. With the popularity of Instagram and Snapchat, ephemeral content has been everywhere these days. Since most of us never want to feel like we are missing out, we enjoy short stories that update us on what is going on around us or what our friends are doing. Predictions say that this kind of content will only be growing in popularity.

Video content is still dominating and that is another social media trend worth paying attention to. Studies have shown that 50% of people look for video information about a product before going to a store. It seems that short explainer videos will continue to get more and more popular and that short and snappy videos in general will be most successful. Facebook Live videos have been very popular, giving Facebook users an interesting experience with a brand. Trends show that videos will be important for both social media and online marketing success going forward.

Being conversational in your marketing approach and getting people talking about your brand and your business has been another big trend. It seems that the focus is shifting more and more to the people talking rather than businesses talking at them. With ads blending in with a site’s normal content more and more, social media advertising and online advertising is general has been becoming more about the customers and their experience.

With the ever-changing trends in social media, it seems like the one thing that won’t change anytime soon is that social media will continue to be an effective way to grow your business and reach a bigger audience. Now is a good time to jump on your social media advertising strategy before you get left behind…again.