The marketing landscape is constantly changing and that can be good or bad, depending on what kind of marketing you are investing in. It seems like the social media and marketing world is always a little chaotic, with all the changes that take place and trends that appear and disappear. However, it has become clear that organic SEO has not been dying out in the midst of the constant changes as far as what kind of marketing is effective and what kind is not.

Dark social has been on the rise, and that has plagued marketers lately. Dark social refers to hidden social sharing and social activity online. This kind of social sharing is done outside of social media marketing that everyone can see. For example, privately messaging someone, sending an e-mail, or word of mouth is considered “dark social.” While dark social has been affecting many marketers, those who use organic SEO advertising methods still have been experiencing success despite the rising popularity of “dark social.” Organic SEO is meaningful, as you are reaching people who are already interested in what you are offering. Since meaningful interactions have been growing in popularity, dark social has not overshadowed organic SEO.

Paid online ads on social media and elsewhere have long been considered worthwhile, that is until recently. With the amount of content being thrown at a target audience all the time, that audience has become more and more immune to the paid ads. Ad blocking has also become a threat, as many people have installed ad blocking software and are simply not even seeing the paid ads. With organic SEO, there is no ad blocking, allowing it to remain effective.

There are some that thought that SEO would go downhill along with other dying forms of advertising, but SEO has actually been doing very well. SEO has gone through many changes over the last few years, including an importance being put on the quality of your SEO content. Google has developed methods of detecting any content that seems like spam or doesn’t give any real value to the customer. Developing unique content for your SEO efforts that isn’t a copy of something that is already online is very important. Social media advertising and SEO when done within Google’s guidelines is still a great way to market your business.