Since social media is a great place to interact with friends and family, it is no surprise that this is also a great place for business owners to interact with their customers. The problem is that approaching customers on social media has to come from the right angle. Too many business owners push posts on Facebook that are done in typical advertising style showing why something is great and why you should buy it right now.

The problem with this is that posts that sound like they are focused on sales are ones that naturally do not appeal to users on social media. Social media users approach posts like this from a point of suspicion and are much less likely to share your posts or even to do anything other than scroll past them. Advertising price cuts on certain items might get you a few sales, but those who are attracted by your social media post about sales are most likely to just buy that item and then wait for other companies’ sales to pop up on their news feed.

For this reason, connecting to customers in a way that is more authentic is essential. Social media users want brands that are accessible and accommodating when they have a problem. Getting loyalty from customers on social media is about connecting with customers, treating them the right way, and just acting like a human being rather than constantly trying to get them to go buy something.

Focus on providing valuable or interesting content on your social media so that customers feel comfortable interacting with your content at all. This content can then include links that will take customers to products that they are interested in purchasing, allowing them to break from content just long enough to buy something. The idea is to connect with customers who actually are interested in your products without pushing the sales aspect from the beginning.

The first step to getting set up for social media advertising at all is to build you social media sites. It is often a good idea to have these professionally designed so that you’ll have a great looking social media page that will introduce people to your brand and what your business is all about.