While it was once true that the majority of people accessing a website were doing so on a computer, this is quickly shifting so that more and more individuals are actually using different types of mobile devices to access your website. Fewer people are finding it necessary to even own a computer when they can use a tablet or a cell phone to access all of the items that they need. This is where having a responsive web design for your website is becoming more and more essential.

As more people start using mobile devices to search the internet and many of them don’t even have a computer that they could use to search, making sure that your website looks right on a mobile device is more important than ever before. Despite this fact, some claim that 60 percent of websites have failed to adapt to this change. This means there are many websites out there that mobile users will leave the moment they arrive on the landing page. Not only are customers leaving the site, but this will reflect poorly with their search engine rankings as well.

So that you can make sure that your website isn’t one of these, you need to make sure that you are able to get your website designed in a way that is mobile responsive. If you haven’t started building your website yet, this should be easy enough since you should be able to talk to anyone building your website to get them to make sure the site is mobile friendly. For those who already have a website, go ahead and check the site on your phone or have a friend check it for you. If the website is challenging to navigate on a phone, you’ll need to make some changes.

Mobile responsive web design is becoming even more essential as Google has added it to part of what makes it so that certain websites are ranked differently than others. Some website owners are finding that changing their website may be too challenging on whatever platform they are using and have found that switching platforms or even paying for WordPress web design done by a professional is worth it just for the ability to get their website in front of mobile users.  Make sure that you adapt your website to new requirements so you don’t get left behind by websites that are already making the switch.