Many website owners don’t even start to think about search engine optimization until after their website has been built. While there are some changes that can be made to an established website to help its chances of being found by a search engine, it is often better to start with a website that is built to meet SEO standards. Starting out right will mean less of a struggle in getting your website on search engines where more people will be able to find it.

Since search engines are one of the main ways that people find websites now, it is essential that you work to make sure that your website is one that will show up in search engines. A person looking for a website selling dog supplies may not know about your website, but they may type “dog supplies online” into a search engine to try and find sites like yours that are selling these items. Before you can have any chance of showing up under this search, you must make sure that your website is set up to meet search engine requirements.

Most website owners go off Google guidelines when working on getting a website that meets these requirements. Google requires the websites that they index to be mobile friendly and prefer websites with hyperlinks connecting the different pages. They also like to see search engine friendly URLs with keywords and without so many obscure characters and random numbers. Setting up your site correctly from the start will make it easy for Google to index your website so that it can appear under search engine results.

The best way to ensure that your website is built to be SEO friendly from the start to is to have someone design the website for you in a way that meets all the criteria of the search engines. You can choose from companies that are focused on WordPress web design or many other types of web design services. Research companies that will be building your website and look at other websites they have built to ensure that you are getting a site that you’ll love and that your customers will also like spending time on.