When the phenomenon of blogs first started, they where simply a way for people to post their personal thoughts on the web, like an online diary. Blogs where bulky, had little features and where difficult to incorporate into a business. The few pioneers in the industry knew from the beginning however, that blogs would explode into the most effective form of communication on the web. These days, you can’t escape blogs if you spend any time online at all. Along the way, blogs emerged as an effective business tool and the media began to acknowledge the profound effect they’re having on the way we do business.

Countless articles have been written about the astounding effect blogs have had on business. Many chronicle the story of a small business with an innovative product that was picked up by bloggers and spread across the blogosphere in a matter of hours, resulting in an enormous buzz that led to extensive financial benefits. Businesses have been built on blogs, some emerging in a few days just through this aspect of utilizing blogs and viral marketing to get the word out.  This article highlights one of those stories.

In 2004, Business Week  highlighted the power of business blogs on their front page, finally acknowledging that businesses better start a blog and begin to compete online or their competitors would certainly take advantage of this tool and outplay them in the market. The original article blazed a trail for what would be an ever-evolving love affair between the media, blogs and any business, be it online, small, large or anything in between. The article has been so popular that it’s recently been revised into a new article expanding upon the new market, social media. They’ve updated the information because of the continued evolving market and how important it is to stay on top of the latest trends. Any business looking to be successful should capitalize on these trends to capitalize on profit, simple as that.

Obviously, blogs are playing the most significant and important role in online marketing today. The media marketing buzz continues to surround this and showcases success story after success story. Even Entrepeneur magazine agrees that starting a business blog is the most effective means of giving your business a voice in the article Should you Start a Business Blog?

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