You want to have an online business, but not just any online business. You want it to be successful, ever-growing and evolving, and a business that people are always pleased to experience. SEO helps to create this kind of a business, whether you are just starting out with an idea or you have tried several times before.

SEO is the key to bringing “qualified leads” to your website. A lead is a potential customer, a qualified lead is a customer who is more likely to buy than other potential customers. Bringing the people who are most likely to buy something to your site is what SEO is all about. The simplest aspect of this is that SEO is based on keywords. Over time, quality SEO will help you rank higher in the search engines for certain keyword phrases related to your business. For example, if you are selling sporty pet supplies, over time you may begin to rank higher for the keyword phrase “MLB pet collars.” People who are searching for “MLB pet collars” will be more likely to see you first. As someone selling sporty pet supplies, you would much rather bring someone searching for “MLB pet supplies” to your website than someone searching for something totally not pet-related.

Getting some good SEO done on your website helps you to have a clean, and easy-to-navigate site as well. What is good for SEO, is good for UX (user experience) as well. Optimizing your website for SEO means having a website that makes it easy for customers to find what they are looking for and one that compels people to stay. It will have some quality content on there that gives potential customers some good information about your products. All of this is part of optimizing for the search engines, and it optimizes for user experience as well.

Building awareness of your business is another important reason to invest in SEO advertising services, or optimize yourself. Your website appearing higher on the search engine results pages makes people trust your website more. People would rather buy from you than businesses selling the same thing or something similar who don’t have as good of an online presence.

Last but not least, if your competition has an SEO-friendly website, you should too. Take a look at businesses selling similar things and see if any of them have a good SEO website. If even one of them does, you should definitely incorporate SEO strategy, as they will get the business over you every time if you don’t.